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Tampa Electric - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs


Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program

Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Chillers , Central Air conditioners, Heat recovery, Duct/Air sealing, Building Insulation, Windows, Motors, Custom/Others pending approval, Led Exit Signs

Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial

Amount:Energy Audits and CFLs: Free
Chillers: $175/kW reduction
Lighting: $175/kW reduction
LED Exit Sign: $25/unit
Lighting Occupancy Sensors: $25/unit
Refrigeration Anti-Condensate Heat Strip: $0.65/ln. ft.
Direct Expansion A/C: $50/ton
Package Terminal A/C: $37.50/ton
Duct Repair: $300/upgraded HVAC unit
Cool Roof: $0.60/sq. ft.
Insulation (Ceiling): $0.255/sq. ft.
Insulation (Wall): $0.40/sq. ft.
Insulation (Roof): $0.15/sq. ft.
Window Film: $1.25/sq. ft.
Motors: $6/HP upgrade
Refrigeration: $0.65/ln. ft.
HVAC Maintenance: Up to $25/ton
ECM Motor: Up to $180/HP
Heat Recovery: $1.78 - $2.26/CFM airflow
Water Heater: $0.01166/Btu
Conservation Value: $275/average kWh reduced
Load Management: $3-$3.50/kW reduced

Maximum Incentive:Cool Roof: $15,000
Water Heating: $700

Eligible System Size:Motors: Facility must use three-phase motors with a minimum of 2,000 hours annually to qualify for the rebate

Equipment Requirements:Chillers: varies by size and type, details listed on program web site
Direct Expansion Air Conditioners: 10.5 EER minimum (varies by size)
Package Terminal Air Conditioners: 11.5 EER minimum
Heat Recovery: see program web site
Heat Pump Water Heater: must be electric and meet ARI and ASHRAE standards, have a minimum coefficient of performance of 3.0 and be based on 120 degree (or greater) leaving water temperature

Installation Requirements:Equipment must be installed by a pre-approved contractor

Summary: Tampa Electric offers a variety of incentives for commercial and industrial customers to increase the efficiency of eligible facilities. Tampa Electric also offers a free energy audit to non-residential customers to help businesses to use energy more efficiently. Rebates are offered for energy efficient chillers, lighting, lighting occupancy sensors, air conditioners, duct inspections/repair, solar window film, ceiling and wall insulation upgrades, motors, refrigeration equipment, heat recovery systems, and heat pump water heaters.  A customer with a standby generator can receive an increased incentive of $4 per kilowatt for utilization of a emergency generation capacity during peak periods.

All equipment must meet specific energy efficiency standards listed on the program web site. Tampa Electric also offers the Conservation Value Program, which provides incentives for custom projects that do not qualify for any of the rebates listed above, but that do have a significant energy savings. Tampa Electric also offers incentives to commercial customers for reducing load during peak hours through the Commercial Load Management Program. Interested customers should see the program web site for rebate applications and more program details.