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Intelligent Solar Heating Solutions

Buderus has the solution not only outside your house, but also where installation costs are concerned. Simple plug-in connections and assembly promise an installation in record time. The installation can be completed with a single tool. Not only all plug-in connections, but also mounting rails, roof brackets and other installation components are made from long-lasting and robust materials.

  • Excellent Value and Performance
  • Flexible Mounting Solutions for All Roof-Types
  • 25 Years Solar Heating Experience from Buderus
  • Solar safety glass with a light transmission ratio of up to 91%
  • Thermal insulation of the back panel for lower heat loss
  • Double meander enables improved heat transfer and consequently higher performance
  • Fully Integrated Solar Solutions
  • Fibreglass frame
  • Optimum Energy Yields
  • SKS 4.0 Features:
    • 85.1% Maximum Efficiency
    • Inert gas filling prevents condensation forming on the inside of the collector in the morning
    • Hermetically sealed to prevent the ingress of air and contaminants
    • Area absorber converts up to 97% of the insolation into heat
  • SKN 3.0 Features:
    • Copper strip absorber with proven black-chrome coating
    • TUV-tested plug-in technology for easier connection of downstream components

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Model IDModel NameConfigurationHxWxDGross Area
Sq. Ft.
Net Aperture
Sq. Ft.
Content Gal.
2012SKN3.0VVertical81.5x45.1x3.525.9624.290.2390Open Vented
2013SKN3.0HHorizontal45.1x81.5x3.525.9624.290.3393Open Vented
2014SKS4.0VVertical81.5x45.1x3.525.9624.290.39101Hermetically Sealed
2015SKS4.0HHorizontal45.1x81.5x3.525.9624.290.46104Hermetically Sealed

Buderus Solar Accessories

RC35 Control

    The RC35 features room reset, outdoor reset, a programmable thermostat, DHW priority as well as room, zone, low loss header, and solar control capability.

  • Installation and Operation Guide