Plumbing Re-Piping Services in Central Florida

What Is Plumbing Repiping?

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Plumbing does not last forever. You may need to have your pipes replaced, or repiped, for a variety of reasons. Why is repiping necessary? There are several reasons you may need to repipe your home or business's plumbing.

Degeneration in the quality of the pipes may cause low water pressure, rusty colored water, or leaky pipes.

If you live in a hard-water area like here in central Florida, lime and other mineral deposits may cause flow problems like slow warming of water to hot or inconsistent water temperatures.

Repiping with PEX pipe to ensure the new plumbing will last for several decades

In older houses, you may even have lead pipes, which don't corrode as easily but which do present a serious health hazard to children.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, substances like polybutylene were used to pipe homes. These compounds, while they seemed to be ideal inexpensive alternatives to copper and other expensive piping materials, are degenerating faster than expected, and may be reacting with chlorine and other substances found in the water supply in such a way that the interiors of the pipes are flaking off and washing away.

When should I repipe?

Repiping should not wait until you start noticing leaks. Watch for signs associated with degenerating pipes, such as flakes of dark material in your water, odd-tasting tap water, or decreasing water pressure. Many homeowners think the "squeeze" test is adequate -- this is, when you squeeze a pipe in your hand or between your fingers, looking for leaks in the joint that show up when the pipe gives a little. But pipes degenerated to this point have gone too far. Instead of using the squeeze test, if you think you may have a problem with your pipes, call Plumbing Solutions to check them professionally.

Pipe leaks may require repeiping. Call us today if you need emergency service to remedy a burst pipe.

What kinds of materials should I use when I repipe?

You should have a variety of materials to choose from for your repiping job. Several types of plastic including PVC and PEX are often used, as well traditional copper piping. At Piping Solutions are are re-piping experts and can help you choose the most affordable and long lasting system for water pipe replacement in your home.

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