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Orlando is one of the best known and popular cities in North America. In the center or Orange County, Orlando features over a dozen major destinations and hosts millions of visitors each year. Based just south of Orlando in Kissimmee Florida, Plumbing Solutions is not even close to the biggest plumbing service company in Orlando, but we’re family-owned and we’ve been a part of the Orange County community since 1998.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of plumbing services in Orlando. Almost all but the smallest plumbing jobs require a permit for the city of Orlando. Learn More About Plumbing Service Permits in Orlando

We offer Orlando homeowners and business a wide range of services:

  • Water Heater Repair: Is the domestic water heater in your Orlando home or business not working? At Plumbing Solutions, we have the trained professionals and parts inventory to address your water heater problem and get you back up to speed quickly. Whether you have a conventional tank water heater, or and advanced tankless unit we can provide the peace of mind of knowing your water heater is back online and working properly.
  • Water Heater Installation: If you need a new water heater for your Orlando home or business, we can help. At Plumbing Solutions, we are water heating experts. Electric tanks, gas fired tank water heaters, advanced gas or electric tankless, or heat pump water heaters are all great options. But which one is right for you? Give us a call. We’ll evaluate your application and help you decide what the correct, and best technology to meet the needs of your new water heating system.
  • Rooter Service: We are Orlando drain experts. If you have problems with slow or clogged drains in several areas of your Orlando home or business, you may have a problem with a restricted or completely clogged main drain. At Plumbing Solutions, we have the experience and tools necessary to evaluate your sewer line problem and get it cleared properly.
  • Drain Cleaning and bathroom clogs. If you have a slow bathroom or kitchen drain, or a clogged toilet, we can get your problem corrected fast. We have the trained professionals and equipment to get your Orlando home or business drains running smoothly.
  • Leak repair: If you have a water leak in your Orlando home or business, call Plumbing Solutions. No matter how big or small, we’re here to help you repair any leak and ensure that your home stays moisture free and healthy.
  • Gas piping: Plumbing Solutions is fully licensed and insured to provide natural gas piping services for your Orlando home or business. Gas piping needs to be done right. We will ensure that your new gas piping is properly sized, and fully leak tested to ensure that your gas furnace, ranger, dryer, or hearth product is both safe and reliable.

And don’t just take our word for it. We have scores or comments from our past customer and your neighbors here and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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Review for Rebecca in ORLANDO, FL

I brought a house and started a total renovation and have used them for all my plumbing needs. Staff is friendly and professional.

Customer rating on service:starstarstarstarstar
Review for Janeth in Orlando, FL

Excelente servicio, responsables y sobre todo prestaron un servicio impecable, resolvieron el problema y dejaron todo limpio. Los recomiendo ampliamente

Customer rating on service:starstarstarstarstar
Water Heater Review for Rafael in Orlando, FL

To us this is not our first awesome experience with the outstanding company that PLUMBING SOLUTIONS stands to be. In over two (2) decades David and his staff professionals have provided us with unsurpassed excellent plumbing services of all types. In all the instances we have been treated with Fast Reliable Quality Service and Products. In this most recent instance our electrical water heater of only 6 years purchased, installed and under maintenance contract with Sears broke down and commenced to prefusiously leak water. Although we have been a long time customer of that firm they had no empathy what so ever for us. They gave us an appointment one (1) week out without considering the graveness of the circumstances for our family household. I called PLUMBING SOLUTIONS and within an hour they arrived at my home with a brand new Rheem Ruud 50 gal. Electrical Water Heater with a 6 year tank, 6 year parts limited warranty and resolved the whole matter within an additional hour and they will also provide the annual checkup/maintenance. Yes, Sears got away without having to replace the unit under contract by not providing service within a reasonable time and lost this customer for future maintenance contracts.

Customer rating on service:starstarstarstarstar
Water Heater Registration for Kristen in Orlando , FL

Rheem PROPH80 T2 RH245

Water Heater Registration for Steven in Orlando, FL

Rheem RTE-18

Plumbing Registration for Jennifer in Orlando, FL

Plumbing Registration for Dean in Orlando , FL

Plumbing Registration for Dean in Orlando , FL

Repair exterior faucet leak

Plumbing Registration for Samir in Orlando, FL

Repair gas line

Plumbing Registration for Matthew in Orlando, FL

trouble shoot & inspect gas lines

Plumbing Registration for Nelison Nick in Orlando, FL

Trouble Shoot & Inspect Problem

Plumbing Registration for Kelvin in Orlando, FL

Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Registration for Andre in Orlando, FL

Clear main sewer blockage

Plumbing Registration for Elizabeth in Orlando, FL

Leak repair on water main to home

Water Heater Registration for Collen in Orlando, FL

Rinnai CU199i

Water Heater Registration for Cindy in Orlando, FL

Rinnai RL75IP RL75IP

Plumbing Registration for Scott in ORLANDO, FL

Water Main Leak

Plumbing Registration for Donna in ORLANDO, FL

water main piping

Drain And Sewer Registration for Wilfredo in ORLANDO, FL

cleared stoppage

Drain And Sewer Registration for Inc in ORLANDO, FL

Sink Stoppage

Drain And Sewer Registration for Danellies in ORLANDO, FL

stoppage in main waste piping

Plumbing Registration for Lillian in ORLANDO, FL

Kitchen Sink Drain Line Clogged.

Plumbing Registration for Samantha in ORLANDO, FL

Broken 3/4 pul water main at meter.

Plumbing Registration for Wanda in ORLANDO, FL

partial repipe in attic

Plumbing Registration for Susane in ORLANDO, FL

minor leak repair

Plumbing Registration for Susane in ORLANDO, FL

slab leak repair

Plumbing Registration for Joe in ORLANDO, FL

locate and repair leak

Plumbing Registration for Susane in ORLANDO, FL

slab leak

Plumbing Registration for Melissa A in ORLANDO, FL

Replaced filter under kitchen sink

Plumbing Registration for Faren G. in ORLANDO, FL

leak under kitchen sink

Plumbing Registration for Christopher in ORLANDO, FL

Leak on the sprinkler pipe pvc 1 1/4

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